I want to introduce you to the world famous "Chocolate con churros". Have you heard of them before?
Don´t panic, but this is the typical Sunday breakfast in Spain. Yes, yes, thousand of calories, but you´ll be full until dinner time, so if you plan to go walking around visiting cities on foot (which is the best/only way to really know European cities) don´t worry and give it a try.
Churros are these beautiful fried goods, slightly sweet, crunchy on the outside but smooth and soft on the inside. You have to have them hot and do......

that!! exactly, the deep dense chocolate is not to drink, it is to sunk your churros in.

Then just have to dunk and bite, and dunk and bite...until you realize that the whole plate of churros is gone and that the cup of chocolate is perfectly meassure to insure it´ll let you eat all your churros covered with this awesom chocolate.

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