Fresh Trout

Do you eat fish often? In the Basque Country fish is a must, people and kids love it, and will eat it every single night if possible. At night most of the time because it makes the perfect dinner, it is very light an necessarily healthy.

If you happen to know how to fillet a fish, do it, it taste so much better! If you don´t, don´t be afraid, messing up is how you learn, and these kind of fish, are the easiest ones to start with.
First cut the head off, all of it, with a big and heavy knife so you can easily cut the bone. Don´t keep it, trouts are not good to make stock.
Then lay your knife right above the spine and cut just like if your knife was one big bone, in the same angle. Be gentle, and the fillet will come out without any single bone and in one whole piece.

Do the same on the other side. In this case we left the skin on as we will use it to protect the fish to stick in the pan, and it´s much easier this way too.

Put them over a bed of poached onions, a little white wine or white vinegar on top!! (please try it) sliced garlic cloves and salt.
Let it cook in the oven until the fish turns white and opaque, less than 10 minutes in medium oven, then it is ready to eat, so delicious and so easy.
Don´t serve it with any more than the onions they are cooked, a piece of bread and a glass of wine.
Enjoy and if you like, you still have some calorie credit to get dessert!.

San Prudencio

When Spring arrives, San Prudencio celebrations comes with it, and as in every Basque Holiday food is the most important part of it.
Local bakers sell their traditional Basque Pie and Cheesecakes (you can even buy half pie if you like). Also some fresh doughnuts.
Hand-made grilled corn tortillas, filled with chorizo or blood sausage or panceta. The option is up to you.
A nice day, some sidra wine and a complete menu in this delicious day!!