Fungi & Mushroom Season

Spring mornings are ideal to go to farmer´s market, all new fruits and vegetables are blooming out of a cold winter and bright colors are everywhere.
Today, this stand catch my attention, not only because it´s different style looking goods, but because it smells from feet's away, fresh fungi and mushrooms from the land around Vitoria-Gasteiz.
Big Fungi boletus, you can do almost anything with these guys, and all will be delish!.
Perretxikos mushrooms, they smell so distinctive. No better way to prepare them than mixed with scramble eggs, that way you`ll get all their wonderful flavour.

Mushrooms and Fungi are good garnish dishes to serve with meat, easy to prepare, as you only need to sauteè in a bit of olive oil, add some minced garlic, salt and serve.
Change a bit, it won´t hurt!.

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